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1040 SYSTEM for Analogue Pocket + Pelican 1040

1040 SYSTEM for Analogue Pocket + Pelican 1040

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[[ Pelican 1040 case sold separately: ]]


[[ Updated NOV23: lower price! ]]

1040 SYSTEM mods your Pelican 1040 case (SOLD SEPARATELY) transforming it in to a perfect, indestructible Analogue Pocket display and carry case.

1040 SYSTEM contains 5 inserts and a pack of stickers / bumpers. 

The top insert holds the Analogue Pocket securely.

Below that, you can mix and match inserts to carry GB and GBA game cartridges.

The silicone bumpers above and below protect your Pocket from pressure. 

Holographic sticker swaps your case's branding for an Analogue Pocket graphic.

Material: PETG (UV resistant)

Color: Galaxy Black

[*** Pelican 1040 sold separately: ***]

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